About Us

The Saudi market trend is restructuring to normalization & healthy growth supported by positive economic situation. The construction sector continues to boom with infrastructure Mega projects and new cities, while building remain the biggest end-use segment national wise. AlSafwa addresses these major trends by providing what really matters: spaces to live and learn, places to rest and work, infrastructure that facilitates mobility, and innovations that maintain energy supplies. In providing what really matters, we will set the standard for the industry as a whole


The six core competencies which we look for are:

  • Integrity and values.
  • Vision and purpose.
  • Customer focus.
  • Driving for results.
  • Leading people.
  • Leading change.

Who We Are

Al Safwa Cement Company (ASCC) was established in 2007 in Jeddah in the western region of Saudi Arabia as

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Vision & Values

Al Safwa aspires to be the best in class cement supplier in its market, recognized by its customers as the

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Board of Directors

Main responsibilities The Board of Directors of AlSafwa cement company: – Approves annual business plan, interim and year-end financia

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Contact Us

Contact our AlSafwa teams close to your location

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