It is an exciting time to work in AlSafwa Company. The Saudi market is facing a process of rapid urbanization accompanied by a positive economic outlook. And with the coming capacity expansion, AlSafwa is seeking to recruit, develop, and retain the best talent to help us meet the challenges and opportunities of the future. We need people eager to grow to their full potential while delivering value to our shareholders, customers, and society in general.

Our philosophy pertains to the following four broad areas of commitment:

  1. Commitment to our customers.
  2. Commitment to our employees.
  3. Commitment to our local communities.
  4. Commitment to our shareholder.

Our commitment to our employees:
Each employee is valued, unique, and makes a contribution to our corporate mission. We have a commitment to our employee’s career development and to making our people successful through:

  1. First and most of all, making safety our first priority.
  2. Offering a work environment which encourages taking initiatives, respect and teamwork.
  3. Giving employees challenges that motivate them whilst we provide them with the support to succeed.
  4. Knowledge sharing across our departments.
  5. Diversity in human resources and culture.

What we look for?
The six core competencies which we look for are:

  1. Integrity and values.
  2. Vision and purpose.
  3. Customer focus.
  4. Driving for results.
  5. Leading people.
  6. Leading change

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