Green Initiatives

AlSafwa’s industrial ecology vision is to lead the change in Saudi Arabia as an environmentally responsible pioneer in the heavy industry platform via becoming an efficient energy green solutions provider and by commercializing the industrial ecology concept. AlSafwa’s objective is to create shared value within society, which focuses on four key pillars.


Waste to Energy & Resource Recovery: AF/ARM

We are transforming waste to energy as part of our commitment to preserve natural resources and help the environment with our zero landfill solution


Renewable Resources: Solar & Water (ADC)

Support communities through adapting new production methods that relay on renewable resources


Eco-Building : Products & Solutions for construction Materials

As part of our commitment to contribute in building green cities, we are continuously developing new our product and providing eco-friendly construction solutions that would ease access to attractive and affordable housing.


Corporate Image : CSR & Green Branding

At Al Safwa we are committed to the well being of our communities through social development plans and initiatives