Launch ceremony for the new product Cement-Ash


The most widely used supplementary cementitious material in concrete was marked by a benchmark event on Sunday March 26th, 2017, at Park Hayat Hotel in Jeddah, where AlSafwa Cement Company unveiled its latest innovative solution, product “Cement-Ash”.

Attendees were businessmen, consultants, contractors and specialists from the construction sector.

A variety of activities took place, including a demonstration on how can the new product “Cement-Ash” enhances the durability aspect for the mega projects and long life infrastructure projects, which is a very important and ultimate end result wanted by the public sector and private projects owners. Also a testimonial took place with one of the strategic customers who participated in trials session using the new product, where he explained how the product “Cement-Ash” helped him in enhancing his operational performance parameters.

The new product cement-Ash is a sustainable value added driven innovation, offering “a pre-blending service” to ready-mix companies for projects where Fly Ash is specified, therefore eliminating many of the existing handling, blending and logistics issues and hazards resulting from the mixing on site.