AlSafwa Cement Solutions

Cement, in all its many forms, is at the heart of building. It is the common base material used for casting concrete, bricklaying, rendering and screening, and so plays a major part in nearly all construction projects.


Mabani is Suitable for general purpose applications. General-purpose cement is a quality-assured SASO 2536/2005

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Kharasani is a higher early strength Portland cement that conforms to the requirements of SASO 1992/143. And it is a quality assured cement.

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Joddran Cement is Al Safwa’s most innovative cement solution. It is enhanced with air entertainer agents

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Asas Cement, produced by inter grinding of cement clinker & small quantity of gypsum, conforms to SASO 570/1994.

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Precasto is a high powered and performance cement (52.5R) that guarantees high early and final day strength with faster setting time.

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Nasea Plus

Nasea Plus “White cement” is produced by using carefully selected raw materials and rigid manufacturing standards to assure uniform whiteness and strength.

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