Nasea Plus

White cement is produced by using carefully selected raw materials and rigid manufacturing standards to assure uniform whiteness and strength. Its pure white color combined with very high strength superior quality makes it unique. When consistent white or bright colors are desired one can depend on lafargeholcim white cement.  It is a premium quality building material suitable for a large range of applications including precast, pre stressed architectural concrete, cast-in-place architectural structural concrete, gfrc, colored render, plaster, mortar grout, terrazzo mosaic floor etc. Lafargeholcim white cement conforms to CEM II52.5 N of EN 197-1:2001.


Precast pre-stressed architectural concrete, cast-in-place architectural structural concrete, terrazzo floor, mosaic tiles paver, colored render  plaster, decorative water proof cement paints, finishes for swimming pool spa, traffic calming delineation median barrier, ornamental statuary, cast stone, concrete countertops etc.


  • High early final strength: class of Lafargeholcim white cement is 52,5. It achieves high strength at all ages
  • Low alkali Cement: low alkali content of the cement is effective to prevent damage from alkali silica reaction (ASR)
  • Conforms to EN 197-1: 2000: The requirement of the standard are compared to typical performance data for lafargeholcim white cement in the table Whiteness by spectrophotometer conforms to Astm E 1164 for color evaluation
  • Admixture addition: it is recommended to carry out rail mixes to verify admixture compatibility with cement & to find out optimum admixture dosage
  • Test certificates: Routine product test data covering the key physical and chemical parameters is made available on request


Surface(M2/kg)3200 – 4200
Setting time – initial(Minutes)250 – 270
3 Days(N/mm2)29 – 34
28 Days(N/mm2)63 – 68