Al Safwa Aman

The Program’s Vision
AlSafwa Aman is our Driver’s health & safety incentive program (Reward & Discipline) that through it we are targeting to have a sustainable solution for the driver unsafe behavior. Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for our customers are one of the most important priorities for AlSafwa Cement Company. We encourage customers to support us and take a responsible attitude and impose strict rules to eliminate accidents which can be fatal. Through our continuous efforts, AlSafwa is targeting to achieve zero accidents at all sites and increase the number of the safety driver’s models. Working with AlSafwa means… working safely.


Customized safety sessions done regularly for drivers in the plant to increase the driver safety awareness as First aid , defensive driving sessions and more
AlSafwa Aman program educates the new drivers through Aman video and explain the Safety instructions inside AlSafwa plant:

  • Commit to the speed limit (20 km\h)
  • Fasten your seat belt while driving
  • Mobile phone while driving are prohibited
  • Drivers will not allow entering the plant without PPE’s
  • It is not allowed to drive backward without coordination with the loading team
  • Smoking is not allowed in the packing area
  • It is not allowed to make any maintenance activities inside the plant
  • Drivers are not allow to open and closing the bulker hatch

Each driver will have his own ID card which allow him to enter  the plant Drivers violations will be tracked by punching the ID card and clear Discipline process will be apply for any driver break the roles based on number of violation.
Customer service team will contact any client in case of  irregularities carried out by their drivers during their presence in the factory.

Clear Reward Plan

  • A list will be prepared for all drivers who have a valid ID card without any violations.
  • The nominated drivers will be recognized with a recognition certificate and their photos will be posted on a signboard for the whole month as “the month ideal driver”