Al Safwa Asas Cement, produced by inter grinding of cement clinker & small quantity of gypsum, conforms to SASO 570/1994. Sulfate resistance is achieved by limiting the level of C3A in cement, the main component influencing resistance to sulphate attack. SRC is used where sulphate saults are present in the soil, ground water etc. In concentrations that would damage OPC concrete. Sulphate saults attack in a series of chemical reactions when hardning of cement paste occurs in the presence of sulphate ions, this results in products occupying greater volume than the host reactants thus causing internal expansion and deterioration of the concrete of the concrete elements.


Structure concrete subject to sulfate- rich environment, sewage treatment structures, mass concrete structures, piles, foundation, underground structures, precast concrete.


  • Based on sustainable cement technology
  • Grey in color
  • Consistent strength meeting all conformity criteria in SASO 570/1994
  • Compatible with admixtures such as air-entraining agents and workability aids
  • Trail mixes are recommended to determine the optimum mix proportions


  • Aavailable in bulk tankers
  • Aavailable in 50 kg bag throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The product should be stored in closed bags clear of the ground in cool dry condition and should be in a safe and stable manner.
Information of the maximum storage period can be found on the bag.

Conditions of Use

  • Concrete, Mortar and Grouts Containing Sulphate Bulk must be specified and used correctly for the best performance
  • The cement content must be correct and the water cement ratio must be as low as possible & consistent with satisfactory placing, through effective compaction curing
  • The final finish quality of this material will depend upon the operator having the required skills and a familiarization with the material and its application methods
  • Al Safwa cement KSA cannot be held responsible where workmanship has not been carried out in accordance with good practice


Surface(M2/kg)3100 – 3400
Setting time – initial(Minutes)160 – 200
3 Days(N/mm2)20 – 30
28 Days(N/mm2)48 – 56