A high early strength Portland cement which is particularly suitable for:

  • High strength concrete up to 500kg/cm2
  • Facilitating the early demoulding, handling and use of precast concrete units.
  • Early striking of form work.

Ordinary Portland is a higher early strength Portland cement that conforms to the requirements of SASO 1992/143. And it is a quality assured cement.


Ordinary Portland is recommended to meet the following requirements:

  • Optimum for construction and highly efficient for special, high strength and load bearing application
  • The most convenient idea to manufacture high-strength concrete up to 500kg/cm2 strength class
  • Excellent for manufacturing special products
  • The best choice for high specification projects
  • Ideal to manufacture pipes, tunnels and concrete structure


  • Based on sustainable cement technology
  • Grey in color
  • Consistent strength meeting all the conformity criteria in SASO 1992 / 143
  • Compatible with admixtures such as air-entraining agents and workability aids
  • Suitable for a wide range of concrete classes with focus on high performance


  • Available in bulk tankers
  • Available in 50 kg bags throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Conditions of Use

  • Concrete, mortars and grouts containing ordinary Portland bulk must be specified and used correctly for best performance
  • The cement content must be correct and the water : cement ratio as low as possible to be consistent with satisfactory placing, thorough compaction and effective curing
  • The final finish quality of this material will vary based on the level of qualification of the operating labors & their adequate training on the specifications of the special product
  • As with other cements in building work, there is no substitute for good practice and workmanship. It is essential to use the correct materials, proportion and mix the materials properly, add the correct amount of water, compact, cure and protect as appropriate. When using cement, it is particularly important to ensure that effective curing is applied.
  • Al Safwa Cement KSA cannot be held responsible where workmanship has not been carried out in accordance with good practice


Setting time – initial(Minutes)160 to 200
3 Days(N/mm2)25 to 30
28 Days(N/mm2)48 to 56