Suitable for general purpose applications. General-purpose cement is a quality-assured SASO 2536/2005. It is produced using sustainable cement technology and a range of formulations with comparable performance.


  • Mabani is for general construction
  • Excellent for concrete up to 250kg/cm2 strength class
  • Used in plastering
  • The economic and smart choice for building
  • Applicable for all types of finishing works


  • Eco Friendly product
  • Based on sustainable cement technology
  • Grey in color
  • Consistent strength meeting all the conformity criteria in SASO 2536/2005
  • Compatible with admixtures such as air-entraining agents and workability aids


General Purpose cement is available in bulk tankers and 50kg bags throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


This product should be stored in closed bags clear of the ground in cool dry conditions and should be stacked in a safe and stable manner.

Conditions of Use

  • Mabani Cement may be used in the range of traditional nominal mixes as for traditional Portland cement.
  • Mabani Cement should not be mixed with other types of cement.
  • To achieve optimum performance from general purpose cement in concrete or other products, it is essential that it is correctly specified and used.
  • As with other cements in building work, there is no substitute for good practice and workmanship. It is essential to use the correct materials, proportion and mix the materials properly, add the correct amount of water, compact, cure and protect as appropriate. When using cement, it is particularly important to ensure that effective curing is applied.
  • Normal hot and cold weather practice should also be followed.
  • The final finish quality of this material will depend upon the operative having the required skills and a familiarity with the material and its application methods.


Surface(M2/kg)3500 4200
Setting time – initial(Minutes)180 – 200
3 Days(N/mm2)24 – 28
28 Days(N/mm2)44 – 48