Precasto is a high powered and performance cement (52.5R) that guarantees high early and final day strength with faster setting time. It is recommended for precast manufacturing and pre-stressing and post- tensioning of slabs and beams.
This cement solution has been developed in a state of the art machinery with the additional engineering Precasto conforms to EN 1971-1:2011 requirements and quality apprehensions, such as:

  • More carful control in selection and proportioning raw materials
  • Greater processing in grinding and blending of the raw materials
  • High energy clinkering process and scientific calcination
  • Finer in grinding of finished product with scientific admixture of applications


  • High early and final day strength and faster setting time
  • Consistent strength and compatibility to most chemical and mineral admixtures/additives
  • Allows the creation of modified concrete properties as per requirement of concrete mix design


  • Cast-in-place concrete structures requiring high early dry strength
  • High powered and ideal for manufacturing pre-stressing and post-tensioning of slabs and beams
  • Concrete hollow block manufacturing
  • Excellent for manufacturing precast and special products


  • Based on sustainable cement technology with state of the art machinery and engineering principle and quality innovative
  • Grey in color
  • Consistent strength meeting all the conformity criteria

Available in bulk tankers and can be delivered through-out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The product should be stored in closed bags clear of the ground in cool dry condition and should be stored in a safe and stable manner.

Conditions of Use

  • Concrete, mortar and grouts containing Precasto bulk must be specified and used correctly for the best performance
  • The cement content must be correct and the water cement ratio as desired results possible consistent with satisfactory placing, through compaction and effective.
  • The final finish quality of this material will depend upon the operative having the required skills and a familiarization with the material and its application methods
  • Al Safwa cement KSA cannot be held responsible where workmanship has not been carried out in accordance with good practice


Surface(M2/kg)3200 – 4200
Setting time – initial(Minutes)130 – 140
3 Days(N/mm2)35 Plus
28 Days(N/mm2)65 Plus