Al Safwa Cement Company (ASCC)

was established in 2007 in Jeddah in the western region of Saudi Arabia as a member of El Khayyat Group – the pioneers in the field of building materials in the kingdom. In February 2012, the company had been further strengthened by the entry of two public funds, the Public Pension Authority (PPA) and the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).

Health And Safety

Al Safwa Cement Plant is considered as one of the most pioneered plants in the field of building materials; therefore, it applies the highest international safety and security standards. Starting with the daily routine details at the plant, and up to the workplaces and areas surrounding the projects, the company also seeks to provide a healthy and safe work environment for its employees, partners, customers and society.

Research and development

Alsafwa cement company aims to enhance and enrich the company’s products and services with the latest capabilities and important tools in research sector. And the innovation strategy followed as a basic approach.

Alsafwa cement always strives to provide additional value solutions that suit the needs of customers and end users and find ways to improve their business. Innovation also includes developing operational processes, alternative fuels, improving raw materials, and saving energy.

Vision and value

To be the best in class cement supplier in its market, recognized by our customers care as the premier choice for our services, values, innovation, quality, and staff and becoming an efficient energy green solution provider, especially for our commitment to safety, community and to people development with focusing on Saudization.


Global Reach


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CO2 Reduction


Cement is the primary material in concrete which is the second most consumed product in the world after water, its used in construction and crafting, and therefore it plays a major role in all construction projects from the foundation stage to the final finishing.

Pozzolanic Portland Super Cement – PPC 52.5N

PQC: SASO 2005/2536

Pozzolanic Portland Cement is one of the most environmentally friendly cement products that supports green projects and improves the degree of thermal insulation and fire resistance, and it is a high efficiency

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Portland cement OPC 52.5N

PQC: SASO GSO 1914/2009

Portland cement is a low alkali cement with higher long-term resistance and Final setting time, based on sustainable cement technology, it is a guaranteed quality cement that meets the specifications of SASO GSO 1914/2009 (E) Type I

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Joddran Super 32.5N

PQC: ASTM C 1157 Type GU

Joddran Super Cement is Al Safwa’s most innovative cement solution. As it is the perfect finishing solution for its stability when it is feathered and smooth in finishing, the Super Walls product is produced in Al Safwa Factory using the latest technology by scientifically added additives that enhance the quality and performance in identical proportions accordance with the specifications of ASTM C 1157 Type GU.

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Precasto 52.5R

PQC: SASO-GSO 1914/2009

High strength and performance cement ensure fast resistance in less setting time. This product was developed and its quality assured by improving clinker sorting and industrial calcification processes, controlling the selection of raw material particles, grinding and mixing them perfectly to be the softest after production using the best chemical mixing applications, to suit the manufacture of pre-cast molds, tiles and beams with additional engineering features that match the specifications SASO-GSO 1914/2009 (E) Type III.

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Sulfate Resistance Cement SRC 52.5N

PQC: SASO-GSO 1914/2009

When sulfates are present in the soil and groundwater, Portland cement is damaged. Where sulfates generate a series of chemical reactions that take place in the presence of sulfur ions, thus producing a larger volume of auxiliary reactions and thus causing internal expansion and damage to the concrete elements, in this case SRC cement is used to ensure greater durability in sulfur-rich environments.

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Customer service

Alsafwa cement company provides a specialized staff in customer service to hear their needs and answer their inquiries related to shipments, delivery dates, financial accounts, and products.


It is a delivery service provided by Alsafwa Cement Company to its customers in all regions of the Kingdom to facilitate the supply process while providing shipment tracking service through a specialized team and advanced systems that include:

  •  Efficiency and quality of the product.
  • Accuracy of shipments delivery dates.

Our service committed to send the shipments from our plant to the customers in many areas such as (JEDDAH, MAKKAH, ALMADINAH, YANBU, ALTAIF, RABIGH & THE SOUTHERN REGION).

For more information contact us:

Customer Portal

According to Alsafwa’s vision, which aims to facilitate customer service and part of the smart solutions plan and from the standpoint of the continuous improvement plan that the company implement it in all its departments and products, AlSafwa have created a customer portal which is a safe & easy site, designed to provide integrated network services and provide the Access for the customer information just in time and accurately by 24/7.
The customer portal provides services that help the customers in their business comfortably and safely. The portal aim to provide:

  • An access for the customer information by 24/7.
  • Provide services that help to save the customer’s time.
  • Enhance customer experience

The link for singing up at customer portal:

Sustainable Development

With the Vision To lead the change in Saudi Arabia as environmentally responsible pioneer in heavy industry, alsafwa cement initiated the of industrial ecology in 2014 Focusing on Energy Solutions and sustainability initiatives with objective to be the Mission To be an efficient energy green solution provider

Green Initiatives

Alsafwa cement company is proud to be the first cement company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain the necessary environmental approvals and licenses to recycle industrial waste and utilize it as an alternative fuel in cement kilns to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Among the most important achievements of Alsafwa company in the green initiatives sector, are the following projects:

Tires Recycling Project

The concept of using alternative fuels (converting waste into energy) in heavy industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is relatively new with a lack of social awareness of such benefit, but the government is moving to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and support related initiatives, and accordingly, Alsafwa cement company has signed a long term agreement with Jeddah Municipality to recycle tires and use it as an alternative fuel.
The tire recycling project is a key milestone achievement saving the environment by recycling the accumulated tires estimated at 12 million tires at the landfill and eliminating more tires to go the landfill.

Carbon Ash Recycling Project

In the commitment of Alsafwa cement to preserve the environment, Alsafwa cement company signed several agreements which it converts waste carbon ash resulting from the incomplete combustion of heavy oils used in water desalination plants and electricity generation to energy through treatment and injection in cement kilns, which is the best existing and safe environmental solution to treat Carbon fly ash and completely eliminate the landfilling.

Alsafwa cement company is proud to be the first cement company to obtain environmental approvals from the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection to recycle carbon ash and tires in cement kilns.

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Industrial Waste Recycling Project

Alsafwa cement company has obtained a contract to build and operate an industrial waste management facility at Yanbu royal commission for a period of 30 years, AlSafwa with its technical partner will build and operate the industrial platform.

Types of targeted waste: The raw materials for this project will be in the form of industrial waste, solid, semi-solid, and liquid waste including industrial wastewater and sludge.

The main sources of waste in the project: heavy industries – refineries – petrochemical plants – Electricity generation plants.

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Alsafwa cement company provides an export service for its products (cement and clinker) with the highest quality and an exceptional port loading rate of 50 thousand tons per day from its strategic location in King Abdullah Port (CAP).

For more information contact us:

+966 (12) 220-4179